Cadet Corporal Thomas Leatherland of 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Sqn Royal Air Force Air Cadets recently represented England in the poomsae section of the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in Edinburgh, where he succeeded in winning 2 silver and 1 gold medal. Thomas, a 4th Dan black belt has been training for 10 years at his local Taekwondo club in Nottingham and selection for the GB squad has led him to compete internationally in Finland, Austria and Germany. In 2013 he was selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Spain.
Membership of the Air Cadets has helped Thomas in numerous ways. The regular sports and outdoor activities within the training programme have helped Thomas continue to develop a high level of fitness which is vital to maintain the ability to compete at this high level. The general focus on self-reliance and self-discipline is something that has helped develop Thomas' mental strength to focus on his training and maintaining his performance levels.
Thomas reported that 'It feels great to achieve these medals and I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent England. I feel being in the Air Cadets has helped me develop the self-discipline and focus I needed personally to achieve this. All my mates on the Squadron have helped me too by encouraging me when the going got tough in the competitions.'


Despite driving wind, snow and temperatures of -20 degrees Cadet Harris reached the summit of Kilimanjaro with his father. See original story here

From time-to-time we receive contact from ex-cadets who find our Website or Facebook site. Here is a recent email we received from ex-cadet David Davies who became a space Physicist and who may be flying down to see us this year!

David Davies Ex Cadet

Dave Davies ex-cadet


I was so pleased to see your website!


I was one of the original flight of cadets who moved into the old hangar at Tollerton in, I think 1964. I moved down to Harpenden in 1968 and became a sergeant in 220 Sqn (detatched flight from St Albans. Cats Eyes Cunningham was one of our patrons there). My friend and I (Dougie Daft) lived in Keyworth and used to walk to the airfield every cadet night, quite happily.


I remember at Tollerton, flying in a Dragon Rapide as a reward after an airshow where we had helped with the parking, very proudly in our uniforms. There was lots of chipmunk flying at RAF Newton on camp, and locally as well. We used to go to RAF Cottesmore for that I think. Best memories were of gliding in Kirkby Cadets and occasionally Sedburghs at RAF Spittlegate. I went solo there when I was 16 in 1968. We were only allowed to fly circuits off the winch, no such thing as thermalling! We also used to fly diesel and glow-plug models on the airfield. And I remember the shoulder pain of having fired 50 rounds in an afternoon with the old Lee Enfield 303’s. Got my RAF marksman badge tho’! on 25 and 200 yds ranges.


Later on I did a lot of gliding in Holland and a bit at Dunstable and in Perth in WA. Got a PPL in WA and am still current! After many years off. I am flying a lot again, and came across Tollerton again because I was thinking of flying down from Aberdeen later on this year.


Unfortunately I never joined the RAF, which was my great ambition at the time, I’m afraid girls and the sixties stopped me. But I became a Space Physicist and worked on the Ariel 3 and 4 space programmes, before deserting to become a geophysicist. That has taken me round the world a few times since those halcyon days at Tollerton!


Anything I can do to help, anything, let me know.




Dave Davies






In early January five Cadets attended RAF Cranwell with the aim of learning how to safely fly a Vigilant powered glider using simulators. VGS Instructors began by teaching how to fly, making balanced, coordinated turns and the use of power and attitude to alter and maintain desired speeds and height. The Cadets quickly realised this was going to be a tough day. As they mastered the simultaneous use of stick to control pitch and roll, rudder pedals to control yaw and throttle for power, the instructors took them further. Pre-flight checks, lookouts, use of air brakes, stalling, taking off, flying circuits and landing. The day culminated in an assessment of the Cadet whilst they flew an entire circuit from take-off to safe landing. All five successfully brought their aircraft home and passed the course, receiving certificates and for the two best in each group the award of the coveted 'Bernie' trophy. See a 'landing video' on our Facebook page (address below).


Indi Wins Victorix

Cadet Indi Malik won the ‘Victorix’, best female, award at this year’s South and East midlands wing inter-squadron athletics competition.
Cadet Malik represented the Squadron at several events on track and field and came first in several of them.
She also has been selected with several other members of the Squadron to represent the wing at the next region level competition.

Air Commodore McCafferty

Commandant Air Cadets presents her 2020 Vision of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets in a series of 4 short videos on YouTube.

2020 Vision - Watch all 4 in succession here


 Cadet Lovell with one of her swimming awards

Sport is amongst the many activities enjoyed by our Cadets and one Cadet recently had some outstanding success.

Cadet Lovell is bringing in the medals for Swimming! She joined the Air Cadets a year and half ago and has already represented the Squadron, the Wing and Region in various swimming events. To date she has won Gold medals at the Inter-Wing level for the 50 meter Backstroke, 50 meter Fly and 100 meter Individual Medley. Also at the National competition between the various Regions she collected Gold at the 50 meter Backstroke, 100 meter Individual Medley and the Relay. Not only that but each of her Gold medal wins broke the previously standing record for that event!

A keen swimmer from a young age, Cadet Lovell said ' I am really pleased to have done so well and represent my Squadron, Wing and Region. I want to do even better this year and have helped train some of my friends on the Squadron for this year’s competitions'.


Cdt Flt Sgt Maddie Mackay

Following a written application and interview Cdt Flt Sgt Maddie Mackay of 2425 Squadron has been awarded a place on the Ralph Reid-Buckle Flying Scholarship.
Cdt Flt Sgt Mackay stated that" it feels a real honour to be awarded this opportunity, the interview was hard but a really valuable experience because it felt like I really had to know my stuff and present myself well, a bit like a tough job interview. I am looking forward to starting the scholarship in the summer, I really enjoyed the last time I went gliding and learning to go solo is going to be really exciting."

The award is presented in memory of Wing Commander Ralph Reid-Buckle MBE by a board of trustees made up of retired officers from the Air Cadet organisation. It consists of a Bursary available to all eligible cadets in South & East Midlands Wing and Trent Wing and provides £500 worth of Gliding Instruction at a Civilian Gliding Club. Those with the right aptitude get the opportunity to attain their solo gliding wings!

There will be a session of mini golf at the Corner House in town tonight. Starting at 7pm until 9pm. Parents to drop off/pick up please.

Free (courtesy the Committee) for cadets that have done car parking at one of the following events: Harby, Rempstone, John Deere.

Otherwise the cost will be £6 each if we have over 20 playing, or £7.50 if we have less than that going. Refreshments are available to buy.

Bring consent forms with you. Available on our website under downloads.

Squadron will be closed tonight as all staff are committed to the above.

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