By Cadet Mackay

From the 7th of February till the 22nd of March I was staying with my mum's side of the family in Germany in order to improve my German speaking. For two weeks I stayed in Werl, Dortmund, with my grandparents and the other four weeks in Steinhagen, Bielefeld with my aunt, uncle and two cousins.

Before I left for Germany, my father and I spent some time searching for an air cadet squadron near to Bielefeld. After finding a squadron in Gutersloh, I asked my 'boss' at 2425 ATC Squadron, Flt. Lt. Frost, for his advice. He was extremely helpful to arrange for me to take part with the air cadets at Gutersloh which I really appreciated.

By Cadet Harby

(posted a little late-sorry-webmaster)

On the 19th September I joined a coach-load of cadets, ready for a week of adventure and excitement. The bus journey took a while, but as soon as we arrived and moved our bags into our dorms, everyone began to talk and make friends. The atmosphere was completely different to Swynnerton, as there were only 23 people on this camp so we all got to know each other.

The camp was at the Adventure Training (AT) centre for the ATC and was near the centre of Windermere in the Lake District. The ground floor houses a drying room, briefing room, kitchen, a massive and impressively organised stores and the boys dorm which was reasonably small and had around 15 bunk beds in it. On the second floor there was the girls dorm.

Once we had all settled in we met in the briefing room and were introduced to the staff and split into our flights. Unlike other camps, your flight weren't the only people you saw and did activities with, as the only time I was with my flight was during the taster sessions and when it was our turn to do duties around the kitchen.

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