2425 Nottingham Airport Squadron Air Training Corps is a thriving, exciting, friendly squadron based at Nottingham Airport, Tollerton, UK. We are one of approximately 1000 squadrons in the UK. The RAF Air Training Corps is also know by either the intials 'ATC' or simply the 'Air Cadets'.

The ATC is for girls and boys of 12 years old (must be in year 8) and over.

The ATC is a youth organisation organised along military lines and is an ideal entry point for anyone interested in joining the Royal Air Force, although you do not have to be that way inclined! The ATC is open to anyone who wants to have fun, adventure and learn at the same time. Being a member of the ATC is a major selling point on your CV when looking for a job in the future. Some of the activities are: flying, shooting, camps, walks and marches, drill, radio and communications, first aid, sports, competitions and much more.

Our squadron motto is ‘Nulli Secundus,’ Latin for “Second to None’ something we take very seriously – we always aim to win! We are very successful at sports and other activities and have many cadets representing Wing, Region and even the Corps.

Why not come down and see what we do? Please contact us to arrange.



The staff team is led by Flt Lt Frost RAF VR (T). All staff have specific roles and responsibilities in the Squadron:

Robert Frost, Flight Lieutenant RAF VR(t), Commanding Officer, DofE Officer
Craig McLoughlin, Pilot Officer RAF VR(t), 2 I.C. Squadron, Adventure Training Officer and DofE Officer
Mark Whitaker, Pilot Officer, Junior Cadet Officer, Flying and Gliding Coordinator
Sharon Woodier, Flight Sergeant (ATC), Training Officer, Drill and Discipline Instructor, Deputy First Aid Officer, Uniform Co-ordinator
Dan Finch, Sergeant (ATC), Sports Officer, Drill and Discipline Instructor
Ben Walden, Sergeant (ATC), Shooting Officer, IT Support Officer, Store Keeper

Andrew Burton, Civilian Instructor, Junior Cadet Training
Phil Gregg, Civilian Instructor, Public Relations Officer, inc website and Social Media, Junior Cadet Coordinator
Alan Rawsthorne, Civilian Instructor, Junior Cadet Training
Fran Steven, Civilian Instructor, BTEC Coordinator, First Aid Officer
Eddie Worthington, Civilian Instructor, Deputy IT Support



1965 (December) - 2425 (Cotgrave) Squadron ATC formed at Cotgrave under FL/LT Carl Norman. HQ in Junior school. Civilian Committee formed entirely of R.A.F.A. members.
1966 (June) - 2425 (Tollerton and District) Squadron - HQ moved to premises at Tollerton Airport and became 2425 (Tollerton and District) Squadron.
1967 (April) - Squadron adopted by Plumtree Branch R.A.F.A.
1968 (September) - C.O. Fl/LT J. Lewington
1970 (19th March) - Fire destroyed HQ. Temporary accommodation in Scout Hut at Tollerton.
1971 (August) - Became 2425 (Keyworth) Squadron - HQ at Keyworth Junior School. FL/LT J. Lewington became Wing Staff Officer. C.O. FL/LT Hartley.
1971 (September) - Fruitless attempt to find land for hut. School land refused by Notts C.C. Education Dept.
1973-1975 - Still searching for land and premises.
1974-1979 - C.O. FL/LT J. Bates
1979 on - J. Bates moved to Civilian Committee. C.O. FL/LT J.Davies. FL/LT Ralph Reedbuckle C.O. for a short time. FL/LT Dave Cass became C.O.
1982 - N.E.R.C offered a site but planning was refused. Tried a another site with a different proposed roof but still refused. M.P. unable to help.
1983 (December) - Meeting at Tollerton Airport. Site agreed. Building work commenced on the new Squadron HQ.
1984 (September) - Standard presented by R.A.F.A. Renamed 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Squadron. FL/LT Dave Cass C.O. (to late 80s)
1992 (June) to 1999 (December) - FL/LT Roger Johnson C.O.
2000 (January) to 2001 (April) - FL/LT Alison Warner C.O.
2001 (April) to 2007 - FL/LT Steve Richards.
2007 (May) to Present - FL/LT Robert Frost.

Any updates or corrections welcome. E.g. Information about Steve Podger's tenure as CO would be appreciated.

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